Planning the perfect event can be a major challenge, especially when you have to plan the event last minute. No problem, Privé Catering Hall is the perfect place to have an event and plan an event. We have premier event planners in Staten Island that we work with so you are able to have the perfect occasion without any flaws. Whether you are having a Sweet 16, a large wedding, or a corporate event, Privé Catering Hall is the prime place to work with for planning your next event because it is the best catering hall in Staten Island.

There are many distinct features that Privé has that no other catering hall will ever have. First, you are never considered a “customer”. To us, you are a guest and we are acquiescent to the requests that you want to have for your next celebration or special occasion. Second, you come first. Our philosophy here at Privé is to show that you come before anyone else, which means that you are the top on our priority. We treat you like family. Third, you will feel in a homely atmosphere. As a guest of Privé Catering Hall in Staten Island, you will feel like family, and you will always want to come back and have your future occasions here. Fourth, we work with any budget. Whether you are having a small event on a modest budget or a large event on a massive budget, Privé Catering NYC is the perfect catering hall to have your next event. We work with any budget for any large or small event.

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